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Employee Hearing Tests


Hearing Tests must be done to prevent permanent hearing loss OHS act 1993

Most factories that manufacture items have some sort of noisy process. The interesting fact is noise exposure above 85dB eight hours per day cause permanent damage. Noise erodes the small hair cells inside the ear. This is easily determined by decent hearing tests. It happens gradually when exposed to noise repeatedly. This damage is permanent and irreversible. It’s important to know what levels of noise your company operates under. Not having the right hearing protection can allow noise to penetrate the delicate hairs.


Noise exposure can have serious side effects on the body. If the hearing tests show signs of noise damage, it’s important to find and eliminate the source as far as reasonably possible. If nothing can be done to silence the perpetrator, the correct P.P.E must be issued.


The primary objective is put noise control measures in place. If possible noise must be eliminated at source. Should this not be possible, a hearing protection program must be implemented.


Noise Corrective Control Measures Must be Implemented.

  • Employer must identify workers exposed to excessive noise
  • Work place must be clearly demarcated.
  • Medical surveillance to be done.
  • Employee must not be exposed to noise 14 hours prior to testing.
  • Pre-employment Baseline audiometric test in case of new employee.
  • Routine testing yearly Results must be compared to check for changes in sensitivity.
  • Should hearing loss be identified employee will undergo further testing.
  • Exit audiogram to be done.
  • Records must be kept for 40 years.


Hearing protective equipment must be worn. Protective equipment must be approved by Department of Labour and be capable of keeping exposure limit below noise rating limit. Employees must be educated on fitting, use and care of protectors and the purpose of testing


To protect your company, all records of hearing tests must be kept. This will ensure that if there is a claim in the future, proof of compliance will be available. If you need information or advice regarding hearing tests, feel free to contact us.

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