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Food Handler Medicals for Staff

There are many companies in South Africa with food handler staff. Food handler medicals are a legal requirement and should be taken seriously by employers. A food handler is a staff member that handles food they are not going to consume. This can be in various forms. This includes; preparation, manufacturing or even serving of food. Food handler medicals should be a top priority if you are in the food industry.

In many cases, employees do not report illness to the employer. In some cases, the employee does not even know they are ill. This is one of the advantages of food handler medicals. The employer will be able to determine the health status of employees.

Food handler medicals should be performed on a regular basis. It’s important to prevent the spread of disease. This is a requirement of the OHS Act of 93.Performing regular food handler medicals will determine of your staff carries any harmful pathogenic organisms. This includes parasites, bacteria and even viruses. It’s the responsibility of the employer to ensure the safety of consumers and staff.


Regular Food Handler Medicals

Medical examinations should be done on a regular basis. In some industries, medical examinations are performed on a yearly basis. It is recommended to do food handler medicals every couple of months. This will help protect both the employee and the company. Illness can happen at any time to any person. Monitoring the environment is an effective way to curb disease.

Pre-Employment Examinations

It’s vital that all employees get a food handler medical before they start employment. Employing a person with disease can be risky. Many new employees are scared to disclose any medical conditions. This is often due to fear of losing the opportunity. The responsible thing is to protect the company before it is too late. Paperwork is very important. The employer must be able to provide evidence that the employee was checked pre-employment.

Test Conducted During Food Handler Medical

We have a mobile unit that will visit your premises. This means the employer will not lose unnecessary production time. A food handler medical takes only a couple of minutes do be completed.

The following are tests that will be included in the basic examination.

1. Urine Test
2. Blood Pressure
3. Blood Glucose
4. Height & Weight
5. Vision Screening
6. Lung Function
7. Psychological Questionnaire

Additional tests can be arranged. If serious conditions are suspected, a letter of referral will be given to the employee to visit a clinic.

Qualified OHS Practitioner

Many employers believe that medical examinations can be done by any GP. The reality is that test must be performed by a qualified occupational practitioner. OHS practitioners are extremely scarce. We are fortunate enough to have an in-house OHS practitioner with more than 30 years’ experience. This means we can keep our costs to a minimum. We do not have to get external parties involved to sign off our examination certificates. Saving you money.


There are many advantages of having your house in order. Firstly, you will have the relevant paperwork that shows you are taking proactive steps to ensure a healthy environment. Proper paperwork will also assist with future liability.

Food handler medicals will ensure that your employees are fit for duty. Prevention is better than cure. Constantly monitoring your employees will help keep them healthy. Regularly performing assessments will provide enough data to detect serious illness. For example, if an employee loses 10kg between test, investigations will be done. This means that early detection is possible with regular food handler medicals.

There is no group too big or too small. We can do onsite medicals if you meet our minimum amount of employees. Minimum amounts are determined by the distance of your company from our premises. For smaller groups, you can visit our site. Larger groups are open for negotiation. We will do our best to beat any existing quote.
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