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Baseline Medicals

Baseline medicals are a good place to start with your employee medicals. This will be your base for future reference.

Routine Medicals

Routine medicals will indicate if there is any change in your employee's health. Routine medicals should be done yearly.

Exit Medicals

Exit medicals will act as proof that your employee left in a healthy state. Exit medicals can be very valuable to prevent invalid claims.

Construction Medicals

Some sites require that all employees have adequate construction medical fitness certificates before they can start working.

Medical Fitness

A Medical fitness certificate will provide proof that your employee's are fit for duty. Some site will require medical fitness certificates by default.

Other Examinations

We can Assist with hearing tests, lung function tests, eye test etc. We do our test on your site, saving you time and money.


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Do you do Medicals On-Site?

We understand how important your productions is. Taking your employees away from your site will cost you time and money. If you have enough employees, we will come to your site. We have a very convenient mobile unit. Getting medicals done has never been easier.


What Medical Examinations do you Offer?

We can do almost any medical examination you can think of. We are not limited to baseline medicals, we can structure the medical according to your needs. We provide a one stop solution.


How Long Does a Medical Take?

The longest part of medicals are getting everybody in line. The actual medical examinations takes just a few minutes, depending on your needs. In most cases, an employee can be in and out in less than 5 minutes.


How do I Know What Medicals are Needed?

Our experienced team will give you all the information you need. Not all industries are the same. Some employees will require only certain tests. For example, if your employee works on heights, there will be additional tests that must be done. We will give you accurate advice.


How Much Does it Cost?

Every medical will be different. It depends on what test must be done. We are EXTREMELY competative and will give you the best possible quote. We are so confident in our costs, we will beat your existing quote. We are open to negotiate the cost, depending on the volume required.


Welcome to “Get Medical Examinations”

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We strive to make finding adequate medical examinations services easy. We provide all the required services for all you employee medical examination needs. All our medicals are done by a qualified occupational health practitioner. We provide our clients with a one stop, affordable health & safety solution. Our medicals can be on-site; we do our best to accommodate every client’s needs. If you don’t see the medical examination service you need, feel free to let us know. We provide medicals, lung function, eye and hearing tests.

Why do I Need Medical Examinations?

Not only is it a legal requirement for certain employees, it also protects the company from future liability. It’s vitally important to make sure that all your employees are healthy and not exposed to hazardous substances. In many cases, the employer is not even aware of the damage certain fumes, gases or other elements can cause. On-going exposure to these elements can cause damage in the long run. If the employer did not do everything reasonably possible to prevent the conditions, future claims may arise. As an employer, it’s possible that you are placing your employees and even the public at risk. You might not even consider that one of your drivers might have bad eye sight. An employee with diabetes can cause serious accidents. Some diabetic patients may experience blurry vision. This can easily be treated with the right medication. Not knowing that the symptoms are caused by diabetes can cause serious injury or even death. Another great example is as an employer; you might be using an employee with epilepsy to work on heights. If that employee suffers an attack and falls, the employer can be held responsible. There are a lot of factors that can contribute to the decay of an employee’s health. By doing medicals, you can ensure that you take the necessary steps. It’s the responsibility of the employer to ensure safe and healthy working conditions. By doing regular employee medical checks, you can prevent future health problems. The employer will also protect the company if they keep records of all employee medical checks done. This can support any future legal situations. We provide all the required medical services for your company. We aim our tests directly at your risks. This ensures that we do not do unnecessary tests. We always try and keep production loss to a minimal.


We Provide the Following Medical Examination Service:

Baseline Medical: This is a medical examination all employers should start with. This examination will be used as reference in the future. It’s important to get a gauge for future tests. The baseline needs to be kept on file and will provide a general status of the employee’s health.

Routine Medical: This type of medical check needs to be done regularly. During the routine medical examination, the occupational health practitioner will be able to determine fluctuation and changes in the employee’s general health.

Exit Medical: This medical examination must be done upon termination of employment. This is to ensure that the employee leaves the company in good health. This can help safeguard the employer from future claims.

Lung Function Tests: We have a mobile unit that can do all the required employee lung function tests. This is an important test to help diagnose and prevent any future respiratory diseases.

Eye Tests: We have a mobile unit that can provide employee eye tests. This test can ensure that the employer assigns the right position to the right employee. Making sure that employees have great sight is imperative to any safe workplace.

Who Requires Employee Medical Examinations?

  • Food Handlers
  • Construction Workers
  • Employees Working on Heights
  • Employees Working with Chemicals
  • Employees Working in Noisy Areas
  • Drivers
  • Crane Operators
  • Forklift Operators
  • Painters etc.


Medical Fitness Certificates

A Medical Fitness Certificate must be made available to ensure that an employee is fit for duty. This certificate is issued with medical examinations. The medical fitness certificate must be issued by a qualified occupational health practitioner. The medical fitness certificate protects both the employee and employer against future claims. The medical fitness certificate must be made available at any time. We suggest that every employee in your company must at least start with a baseline medical. It does not cost you an arm and a leg to protect your company from future liability. Making sure that your employees are healthy is the right thing to do. We can do on-site medical examinations if you have more than 30 employees. Alternatively we can accommodate fewer employees on our premises. Please note that all our staff members are fully qualified. Finding a qualified occupational health practitioner can be a daunting task. Make sure that your medical examinations are certified. We provide a full health & safety service. If you require any safety related services, feel free to let us know.

We Provide the Following Additional Health & Safety Services:

  • First Aid Training
  • Safety Training
  • Fire Training
  • AID/HIV Training
  • Safety Audits
  • Safety Files
  • Risk Management
  • Emergency Planning etc.



Convenient ServiceWe do On-Site Medicals with our Mobile Medical Unit

Affordable RatesOur Service Does NOT Cost an Arm & a Leg. Let Us Beat Your Existing Quote.
Flexible OptionsCreate Your Own Medical Examination Package.

National ServiceGet Medicals Anywhere in South Africa *Depending on Volume

Comprehensive SolutionWe Offer Almost All the OHS Service Your Employees Need.
Employee Medical Fitness CertificateWe Issue Your Certificates as Quickly & Effectively as Possible.