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Types of Medical Examinations


Introduction to Types Employee Medicals

There are a few different types of employee medicals. Most companies start with a baseline, or pre-employment medical. This is the starting point for most staff. This report will be used as the benchmark for future reports. This is an important report that will help you manage and track the health of your employees in the future.


The next step will be a routine medical. This is done on a yearly basis. Some companies do this report more often, depending on the hazards and exposures of the company. For high-risk employees, we recommend that you do this medical at least twice a year. The OHS practitioner will compare this report to the baseline to ensure early detection in your employees.


The final step will be the exit medical. This is a report needed if an employee is dismissed, or the project comes to an end. This report acts as the proof that the employee left the site, project or company in a healthy state. It’s important to make sure that you keep a track record of all your reports to prevent claims or issues in the future.

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